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    After already releasing my favorite EP of the year, NY’s Butter The Children are quickly moving along to 2013. “Mission Hill” comes from a recently finished batch of six demos and continues with the band’s highly melodic brand of noisepop. Inna Mkrtycheva’s catchy vocal lines really shine, if still perhaps a bit lyrically abtruse: “To be honest, I take comfort in being admonished, provided I sleep safe and soundly at the bottom of the river.” Perhaps initially written-off as merely a Sweet Bulbs offshoot, these new demos further prove that Butter The Children do indeed stand on their own. The hooks are much tighter, the guitarwork more refined, and the vocal melodies are catchier than untreated strep throat. But rest assured, there’s still plenty of noise. If they put out an LP in 2013, it’ll be one of the year’s best.

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    My all time favorite song

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the Wendy’s is a classy place (Taken with instagram)


    the Wendy’s is a classy place (Taken with instagram)

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  9. my favorite section. rip.

    my favorite section. rip.

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